Qualified Home Loans


Whether you are new to this or an experienced home buyer, buying a home is big investment and an exciting milestone. 
We’re here to help you through every step.

First Step: Getting Pre-approved

Did you know most home buyers get pre-approved for mortgage financing before they start shopping? Getting pre-approved can have many advantages for home buyers and can even expedite the buying process. Here are some benefits to getting pre-approved with Qualified Home Loans.

Determine how much home you can afford ahead of time.​

Saving time by looking at the right homes in your budget allows you to spend more time examining these homes.​

Determine what your monthly mortgage payment will be.​

Gain confidence by learning the home loan amount you may be able to afford.​

Estimate your down payment.

When you know how much you plan to put down you on your home, you increase your bargaining and negotiating power.

Identify qualifying loan programs.

There are different loan programs with different benefits. Finding the right loan program ahead of time reduces your timelines and improves your ability to close your loan faster.

Bonus Benefit..

Automated Pre-approval Letter

Did you know you can get prequalified for a mortgage online without any trips to the lender’s office? Mortgage pre-approval shows the seller that you’re serious when it’s time to make an offer. Once you become pre-approved with QHL, you can generate your Pre-approval Letter yourself from our Borrower Portal. 

Set your budget, make a stronger offer, and show the seller you’ve already started the financing process.

Home Buyers Guide

Buying a home is an exciting journey and our Loan Officers make your home buying experience as smooth as possible. From contract to the closing table, our home buyer’s guide covers the entire process. Reference this guide as needed throughout the mortgage transaction. Our goal is to make you comfortable and informed.

If you still have questions about your home buying options, feel free to give us a call at 888-781-0899.