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Getting a home loan shouldn’t be hard, our team of experts can help you live the life you’ve always dreamed.

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Our Founder

Our Loan Officers

Alan Kunski

Senior Loan Officer

Darren Brown

Senior Loan Officer

Dennis West

Senior Loan Officer

Ed Personius

Loan Officer

Brian David

Sr. Loan Officer

Tom Hodges

Senior Loan Officer

Luz Vega

Senior Loan Officer

Karl Plavetzky

Senior Loan Officer

Mathias Cox

Sr. Loan Officer

Our Operations Team

Heidi Alderson

Operations Manager

Dawn West

Processing Team Lead

Marisa Martino

Production Assistant | Office Manager

Andrea Kitt

Loan Processor

Corinne Mendez

Marketing Manager

Angelica Lopez

Loan Intake/Setup Specialist

Laurene Davis

Loan Officer Assistant

Qualifying for a home loan is important, qualifying for your family's best possible home loan is essential.
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